Welcome to Grassroots Lawn (Treatment) Services in Taunton

What makes us different?

We are a small local business with your lawn becoming our personal care. We take pride in our work and join with our customers in their joy of a beautiful lawn. We take cognisance of weather conditions and your requirements before carrying out work on your lawn. We are not "target" driven as we are not part of a franchise, so any descision we make is based on your welfare only.

A lawn needs constant weeding and feeding. This is called "treating" and is the controlled application of fertilisers and herbicides. 

If your lawn does not meet your expectations call us for a free assesment and quote for treating your lawn on a regular basis. This will allow your lawn to flourish and remain weed free.

Who are we?

As an ex-farmer of many years experience in growing crops under adverse conditions I feel that I will enhance your lawn and keep it in the manner you will approve.

What can we do for you?

There are other aspects of lawn care that are vital to its well-being. We undertake moss control, aeration and scarification. Normally we carry out these operations during late Autumn, early Spring in order to minimise disruption of the use of your lawn.